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Oracle Audit Vault Database Firewall 20.7 Adds TLS support

Here we’re just discussing Database Firewall! Oracle AVDF 20.7 now supports TLS. Here I’m using TLS Conn 1 and TLS Conn 2 to represent two distint TLS connections. For database firewall to use this, the traffic must be decrypted at … Continue reading

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Data spillage #quicktip

Statistics data is stored in the sysaux tablespace, if you’re not using full database encryption, then you have unencrypted data. In OCI, this is encrypted by default.

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Oracle database security quick tip.

We’re going to be discussing database parameters that if not set correctly, it will allow hackers full access to the database.

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Upcoming Talks

POUG: 7-8.09.2018 (booked) PL/SQL Secure Coding Practices ECOUG: 18-19.09.2018 (booked) Holistic Database Security BGOUG: 16-18.11.2018 (planned) Blockchain a primer. There is a lot of confusion about the blockchain. Blockchain is not crypto currency, block chain is the one part of the … Continue reading

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Oracle Privilege analysis #Quicktip

Here is a quick tip on Oracle privilege analysis. Frequently I want to find out all of the ways a user can get to an object for any privilege. DBA_TAB_PRIVS and DBA_ROLE_PRIVS are the two views I go to. I … Continue reading

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PL/SQL Security Coding Practices. Introduction to a better architecture part 1.

I have been seeing this database architecture for over thirty years and it’s high time we stopped using it. Before I go too far, let me tell you I get it, you have pressure to get the application out the … Continue reading

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Questions you may want to start with when moving to the #cloud

Last week one of my customers called me into a meeting to discuss moving a critical application to the cloud. This application is very sensitive to the customer and the data it holds is very sensitive to my customers customer. … Continue reading

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Encrypt those backups

April 2005 Ameratrade loses a backup tape containing information on 200,000 customers. February 2005 Bank of America loses backup tapes containing information on 1.2 million charge cards. September 2011, SAIC loses backup tapes of 4.9 Million members of the military … Continue reading

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