Unified Audit and Virtual Private Database

It seems not a day goes by where I’m not humbled in some way or another. Frequently this happens due to limits of my knowledge or something I’d forgotten. There is a wrinkle when you combine Unified Auditing and Virtual Private Databases (VPD).

Here’s the setup.

create or replace package HR.hr_vpd_policy as
function hr_emp_vpd_policy (p_schema varchar2,
                            p_table  varchar2)
return varchar2;
-- keep it real simple. just return 
-- department_id = 10.
create or replace package body HR.hr_vpd_policy as 
function hr_emp_vpd_policy (p_schema varchar2,
                            p_table  varchar2)
return varchar2 is
p_ret_val varchar2(255);
      p_ret_val := 'department_id = 10';
      return p_ret_val;
  sys.dbms_rls.add_policy (
    object_schema   => 'HR',
	object_name     => 'EMPLOYEES_VIEW',
	policy_name     => 'HR_EMP_SEL_POL',
	function_schema => 'HR',
	policy_function => 'hr_vpd_policy.hr_emp_vpd_policy',
	statement_types	=> 'SELECT'

Here’s the question. How do I know the where clause VPD placed on a sql statement? Well it’s not in the sql_text column (like I thought is was), it is in the rls_info column. Remember, VPD was called “Row Level Security.” Oracle changed it’s name sometime back, I think 10g, but don’t quote me on the version Oracle changed the name.

Do you want to know where I’ll be speaking this fall?

Where am I speaking this fall? Poland and Croatia conferences have been confirmed. Waiting for Spain, and ECOUG. Let’s get back to normal and be safe about it. Looks like I’ll be busy for the next several months. Life is good.

Warsaw Poland September 10 – 11. https://poug.org/en/

Rovinj Croatia October 12 – 16 https://2021.hroug.hr/eng

Madrid Spain November 11 https://spoug.es/spoug21/

ECOUG November 1-3 https://www.eastcoastoracle.org/

There has been some changes. #Accenture #DatabaseSecurity #InfoSec

Life is busy and good; new Some of y’all may already know, after almost thirty years of working for myself, I accepted a position with Accenture Enkitec Group as Technology Innovation Principal Director and the Global Lead for Database Security. There are a lot of reasons I accepted this position. Primarily, I’ve known the folks from Enkitec for a number of years; they have always impressed me with their knowledge, willingness to share that knowledge, and they get s&*t done. Being part of a global team that is focused to delivering the best for the customer. The opportunity to learn new things; now that’s a big plus for me.

Now, being an employee it’s really new to me, they have these things called HR, People Leads, and policies. Who knew? My People Lead was always my bathroom mirror where I would have long discussions with myself about my future and where I needed to put my focus. Now, I have someone else who I can discuss direction, where my focus should be, and also promote me within and outside of Accenture. This is great! Yea’ even I need to get pointed in the right direction every now and then.

New talks are coming up in Poland, Croatia, North Carolina, Spain, East Coast Oracle Users Group (ECOUG). I’m waiting for acceptance from Croatia, ECOUG, and need to get my abstracts in for Spain. Stay tuned for more details on what talks I have coming up.

Upcoming talks UTOUG, INSYNC, and Uzbekistan INHA University.

March and April are booking up fast. Getting real busy and loving life.

Utah Oracle Users Group (UTOUG) March 17 – 18 Keynote: “Curves ahead: Emerging technology threats.”, “Holistic Database Security in the cloud.”, and “PL/SQL Secure Coding in the cloud.”

INSYNC Tuesday March 30 and April 1 “Holistic Database Security in the Cloud.”

Uzbekistan INHA University April 6. “Staying Current in a Constantly Changing IT Environment.”

The Future of #AI with Sandesh Rao

In our series on the future of AI, here is the interview with Sandesh Rao, VP Autonomous Health and Machine Learning at Oracle