Oracle Database Baseline Security Standards

Ya’ know, it’d be really nice if someone put together some baseline security standards for the Oracle database. Well, you can find those is a couple of places. These tools checklist are free to use. Now, I’m partial to the DISA STIGs; however, the CIS Benchmarks are really just as good.

Here are the DISA (Defence Information Systems Agency) STIGs. You can get these from a couple different sources: Here is NIST: and here is from then enter Oracle in the search box.

Here is the CIS (Center for Internet Security) checklist:

Now, there’s a reason I say “baseline,” ya’ see, even though this is a good place to start, there are things that are not covered or not covered very well. Once you’ve gone through the checklist, and secured your database, you’ll need to do testing to make sure you did not break anything, and you’ll should also look at enhancing these check list by using other tools and techniques. Some of the tools and techniquest you can look to include are: Code Based Access Control, AVDF (Audit Vault Database Firewall), Database Vault, Fine Grained Auditing, Real Application Security, and so much more.

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