Spring Conference Season. What’s coming.

This is my favorite time of the year. The weather is starting to get warm, the sun is shining, and my passport is in my pocket.

Olesya Zmazneva, Ph.D

We are in for a special treat. I had the pleasure to meet Olesya when I spoke to students at Moscow Polytechnic University last November. She’s one of those people you meet and immediately know she has her act together. Olesya’s super power is art, creativity, and the art of communication (check out her Instagram page @lezka) An associate professor at Moscow Polytechnic University for 20 years, she is responsible for soft skills. (If you’ve spent any amount of time in this industry, you know some people what could use some soft skills training.)

Olesya will be giving two presentations at BGOUG this June.
“Creative Thinking in Digital Cosmopolitans’ world” and ” Communication  Trends in Global Village: way to utopia or skepticism.” Part of her abstract for “Creative Thinking” says, “Think as…”strategy” (Think as a child, Think as a minimalist, Think metaphor, Think visually,”) I’m chomping at the bit to hear what she has to say. We are living in a time when things are changing fast; her message is vital to staying ahead of the curve. Can you tell, I’m excited about having the opportunity to listen to her? You should be too. Sign up for the BGOUG Spring Conference to have the opportunity to meet and listen to some of the top speakers in the world. (I have it on good authority that even Martin Widlake will be there) http://website.bgoug.online/en/events/details/103.html

Next week, April 4 – 5, I’ll be in Dublin Ireland for OUG Ireland 2019 https://ukoug.org/page/ougIreland2019 where I’ll be speaking on Holistic database security, and secure coding, followed by heading to Belgrade Serbia, and Sofia Bulgaria to give my talk on staying ahead in an ever changing IT environment. Sounds kinda anticlimactic compared to Olesya 🙂

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