Upcoming events

March 21 – 22: I will be speaking at Utah Oracle Users Group Training Days (and getting some Spring Skiing in.) http://utoug.org/TrainingDays I will be speaking on Holistic Database Security and Secure Coding. My Holistic Database Security presentation has come a long way over the past ten years. As new attack vectors, mistakes, mitigations come out I update this presentation. So, if you’ve seen this presentation before, don’t worry there is a lot of new material in there. My Secure Coding Presentation goes through coding standards, common errors, and how to implement a trusted path for you data.

April 18: I will be speaking at Twin Cities Oracle Users Group on Oracle Database Vault and a Hybrid Holistic Database Security presentation that will be focused at DBA’s. Many DBA’s fear or don’t like Oracle Database Vault, because it changes the paradigm of how they work. We are accustomed to being the God of our databases. We will be looking at how to make Database Vault your friend, and customizing it for your needs.

I will be in Moscow Russia and Helsinki Finland May 18 – 26. Speaking at Oracle Users Group Finland. http://www.ougf.fi/index.php/en/ Again I will be speaking on Holistic Database Security and Secure Coding.

I will be in Moscow Russia, Belgrade Serbia, and Borovets Bulgaria from June 1 – 10. I’ll be quite busy, Speaking in Borovets Bulgaria. When the agenda is finalized, I’ll fill y’all in on my talks.


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