Next month is going to be a busy – Atlanta, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Sofia Bulgaria, and London

May 10th I will be speaking In Atlanta Georgia on Holistic Database Security at Georgia Oracle Users Group Tech Days 2017. I have not decided if I’m flying 81K down or flying commercial yet. I may just go ahead and fly commercial, because I won’t be able to get down to Atlanta until the afternoon of the 9th.

Next up, spend a few days at home, then fly over to Helsinki Finland for Harmony 2017 May 17-18. I’ll be speaking on PL/SQL Secure coding practices. We always have fun at Harmony, this time we are also planning on heading over to Heli and Marko’s place to have a BBQ. I’ll be cooking Firehouse Hamburgers for everyone.

The morning of the May 19, getting on the train to head over to Saint Petersburg to see the ballet “A Midsummers Night Dream” at The Mariinsky Theatre, spend the weekend and see the city.

May 22 taking the train down to Moscow. I’ve been working with the Oracle Office there to put together a three-hour security workshop for Oracle customers and partners. I’m really looking forward to this event. This workshop will be live translated to Russian. I’ve never had a talk translated, so this will be a new experience. Now I’ve been to Moscow a couple times for layovers, but never spent more than a day there so this time, I’ll spend a bit over a week and celebrate the 57th birthday there. I checked for tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre for Friday night to celebrate my birthday, but there were quite expensive, so I opted to get tickets to a modern ballet Saturday night at the Bolshoi Theatre.

May 31 it’s off to Sofia Bulgaria for BGOUG’s spring conference June 2-4. This conference is one of the finest in the world. If you are in or near Bulgaria, I highly recommend attending. I’ll be speaking on Cloud Security and Hacking the Human Brain.

June 4th off to Home, great part is, I’ll have a 23 hour layover in London, so get to see a bunch of friends at some random London pub. Life is good.

As most of you know, I prefer to fly Business Class Aeroflot on my trips to Europe, but this time it’s going to be British Airways so I can get my layover in London to see some friends.  See y’all soon.

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