Oracle Transparent Data Encryption Baseline Practices webinar

I will be giving a webinar on Oracle Transparant Data Encryption Baseline Practices August 27, 2015 at 3PM. Sponsored by @odtug 

Why “Baseline Practices?” well best practices does not seem to be working so we are going to start improving “your game” by setting the baseline and getting you to think how information is secured.

This one-hour presentation includes how to, gotchas (where data can leak in clear text), and baseline practices for implementing Oracle Transparent Data Encryption. We will walk through setting up Oracle Transparent Data Encryption and establish baseline practices to secure your information, explaining where and how to encrypt the data, and where and how data leaks in plain text and HEX format. We will also explore these questions: When sending data to a standby database, when does the data stay encrypted and when can it transfer over the network in clear text? When using Oracle Streams, does data go across the network in clear text? When gathering statistics on encrypted data, where can the data be exposed unencrypted? As we discuss each of the leaks, we will also review how to mitigate the leakage and eliminate ghost data.

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