Fix the standby database.

This has happened in the past. A data file get corrupted, or there is a gap in the archive logs. How do you fix it? In the past I would put the tablespace into backup mode, backup of the datafile, flush the archive logs then SCP the current archive log files and the datafile over to the standby database.

Once over at the standby database; shutdown the standby database, copy the datafile and archive log files to their proper place, recover the standby database then put the standby database back into managed recovery.

But things have changed. Port 22 is closed between the primary database and the standby database. File replication is done through the SAN. Sadly that complicates things. So instead of a simple copy, I now have to engage two SAN engineers to break the replication, one on the primary side and a second on the standby side. I then need to engage the Unix admin to mount the LUN on the standby database server.

The SAN engineers require change control to break the replication, the Unix admin requires change control to mount the LUN. Do you see how what is a quick simple fix can become a problem?

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