Oraclewizard 2015 In Review

2015 was a great year for me. I finished a project with FDIC heading up the DBA group  then took some time to do some studying, writing and speaking at events. I was also able to take some time out to head down to Atlanta for the Exadata Administration Workshop. In September I took a one year contract with a new customer in West Virginia whom is keeping me very busy.

In September I was named and Oracle ACE.  I want to thank Jeff Smith and John King for the recommendation. Being named an ACE is truly an honor. O_ACELogo_clr
I was able to get out to Tallinn Estonia for Harmony15 and Hollywood Florida for KSCOPE15 to speak on Holistic Database Security.  Then in October I was able to get over to San Francisco for Open World to collect the Oracle Developers Choice Award for Database Development. Steven Feuerstein-Oracle, Laura Ramsey-Oracle and crew did a fabulous job putting together the presentation, award and generally keeping everything going smooth.  The competition was stiff, Heli

and Michelle Kolbe also won; to be able to share the stage with these two talented people made all the hard work worth it.


2016 is already looking to be very busy for me.  I have been booked to speak on Holistic Database Security in London at the UKOUG SIG in January, then in Denver at RMOUG Training Days in February followed by IOUG Collaborate in Las Vegas in April followed by KSCOPE16 in Chicago in April.  There are two others where the details are getting finalized, NOUG in Oslo in March and Harmony16 in May.


I plan on continuing improving the Holistic Database Security, TDE, some fresh presentations that are in the works along with some blog posts that will help you secure your crown jewels (aka the database) from bad actors. For the second half of the year, I plan on sending in abstracts to DOAG and BGOUG for their fall conferences.


Along with all of this, continue to deliver high quality services to my customers.  Because without my customers I would not be able to work with the Oracle Community.