Speaking Engagements

Here is some of the feedback I get from my security presentations. A lot of these come from places where English is not the native language, so please excuse the spelling errors.

“Very good drilldown on most common database security topics”

“I could listen Robert Lockard more hours! Very karismatic and clearspeaking person, indeed!”

“It was very clear and to the point. I was expecting the same content. I like the plsql related improvements very well.”

==============UPCOMING SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS================

On Monday November 12th, I will be speaking at Moscow Polytech University on Leadership and keeping up in an ever changing IT Environment. This talk has a lot of new information that is tailored to getting the best our of your company and your career.

November 16th and 17th I will be speaking at Bulgarian Oracle Users group on “Blockchain a Primar” and “Securing Criminal Justice Information Systems using blockchain.” http://www.bgoug.org/en/events/details/102.html