Contract work and Capabilities

For contract work, please contact me directly using Contact Information. Please include company name, location, phone number, a good email address and description of what you need done.

Why Oraclewizard?, Inc is uniquely qualified to deliver highly secure information systems. Our expertise in secure system design is recognized by companies such as Oracle. We are in high demand to educate, evaluate, retrofit and design secure information systems that meet the needs of business., Inc has successfully designed, implemented and maintained highly complex information systems for customers ranging from Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to Maryland Department of Transportation. Our work for FinCEN we ensured the secure transmission and processing of sensitive financial information sent from banks, casinos, and other financial institutions. For Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) we designed and are using big data analytics to detect Chameleon Carriers (unsafe trucking companies) so they can be taken off the road. We are also securing MDOT data, encrypting data at rest and in motion, implementing secure coding standards and modernizing their information systems.

Application Security Retrofit. Oraclewizard can come in, evaluate and retrofit your database application(s) to our secure architecture that would save money over a complete redesign. This will improve your security posture and we frequently find places where we can optimize performance of your systems.

Application Design and Development. Oraclewizard can come in and design a secure database system that is secure, fast, accurate and stable.

Oracle Database Security Evaluations: We can evaluate the security on your Oracle database system, recommend changes. Our approach to your database security is holistic, so you know we are covering what needs to be done.
Oracle Database Security Audits: Before going live, you should do an audit of your implantation. We are available and capable of doing a security audit of your system.
Oracle Database Security Training: We can provide your DBA’s and Developers training in securing your database and secure coding standards.

Current and Past Customers include:

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

Defense Cyber Crimes Center

Maryland Department of Transportation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

US Department of Treasury

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