Exciting times. #poug #tajoug #techconftj*

I will making my first trip to Krakow Poland and Dushanbe Tajikistan. This trip will cover over 24,000 miles in air travel and five different airlines.

POUG High Five. The Polish Oracle Users Group will be having their annual tech conference in Krakow Poland September 1 and 2. http://poug.org/en/edycja/high-five-poug/ I’ll be speaking on secure pl/sql coding and taking part in a panel discussion. There is a very impressive group of speakers coming in from all over the world. This is a first class conference that will be held in a brewery.

Tajikistan TechConf. I don’t have a URL for this conference yet, it will be held Thursday September 7 in Dushanbe Tajikistan. Heli “From Finland” Helskyaho and I will speaking along with some local speakers. Heli is famous for her dynamic speaking style; she will teach you new information that will make you better at your job.

Come on out to either one of these two excellent conferences and I’ll help you wrap your brain around Oracle Database Security.

Between POUG and Tajikistan TechConf, I will be spending a couple of days in Moscow to go to a concert and visit with some friends.

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