2018 It was a wild year – Filled up my #passport

It’s been a wild and crazy year. I could write this about all the data breaches we had in 2018, that would be too depressing. Instead I’m going to focus my favorite cities

I filled up my passport and now need a new one, so I ordered the larger size one. The down side is, I need to apply for another Russian visa, when I still have time left on my current visa.  I hit all my major goals this year, made some new friends, had the privilege to speak at three universities, and added a couple more favorite cities to my list of, I’ll stop here for a couple days and rest.

Those cities are:

Moscow – UPDATE Sadly Russia is now too dangerous to visit and I don’t see the situation changing in the near future.

Lawmaker Leonid Kalashnikov July 2018: re: Maria #Butina‘s arrest: “Let’s arrest an American here and that’s it… They arrested Butina, let’s immediately arrest some Amerikashka here.” Now we have the arrest of Paul Whalan in December 2018. 

 There is the Bolshoi, the Metropol, food, wine, spirited people, rich history, decorated walking streets, and great friends. One thing I learned is Russians are a warm and friendly people. If your lost, need help, or just curious, I’ve found Russians are always willing to step up and help a stranger.

Belgrade – This city has a deep history. The food, people, architecture, art, great friends, and streets you can walk on.

Helsinki – when it’s warm. The people, friends, and food, just don’t ask the lady in the elevator where the polar bears are. Trust me, I asked; she looked at me like I was a very strange person.

Sofia – I always put on weight whenever I visit Bulgaria. The food is to die for, the people are friendly, and the streets that were made for walking.

Of course, there is also, London, Paris, and Kraków.

See y’all in 2019. Lets make it better than 2018, that’s saying a lot. 🙂

#Infosec #ManInTheMiddle #encryption passwords sent in clear text

Did you know when you type commands in sqlplus or sqlcl that include a password; if your network is not encrypted, the password is sent in the clear. In fact, all sql commands are sent in the clear to the database if the network is not encrypted.

Great for a man in the middle attack. Make sure your network is encrypted before you start configuring the Oracle database or sending sql statements for that matter.

c##sec_admin > administer key management set keystore open identified by SecretPassword;

keystore altered.