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@Oracle expdp / impdp #encryption #QuickTip #infosec #CommonMistakes

When using ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD with expdp and impdp, your history file (ie .bash_history) will store the password in plain text and if you’re sending the password over the wire, your network better be encrypted.!!!!!

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2018 It was a wild year – Filled up my #passport

It’s been a wild and crazy year. I could write this about all the data breaches we had in 2018, that would be too depressing. Instead I’m going to focus my favorite cities I filled up my passport and now … Continue reading

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#Infosec #ManInTheMiddle #encryption passwords sent in clear text

Did you know when you type commands in sqlplus or sqlcl that include a password; if your network is not encrypted, the password is sent in the clear. In fact, all sql commands are sent in the clear to the … Continue reading

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