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Security in the cloud. #Snowflake #infosec

I recently had the opportunity to look at Snowflakes security model. This is what I think.

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Turn off the #http #listener in #Oracle #STIG

Locking down a database (applying STIGs) you need to check to see if the listener is running http. If you don’t need the http service, turn it off. Turning off http will reduce the attack surface. Step 1) Is http … Continue reading

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#infosec #Oracle #Migration #Encryption #2MTT

I have seen this twice in the past week. A customer requirement is to migrate their Oracle database to a new server and they want encryption implemented.The steps defined in the request is Migrate then Encrypt. This is backwards. You … Continue reading

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You can use #sqlcl with #mkstore

I was struggling last week getting mkstore and sqlcl to work together. sqlcl is Oracle’s new command line interface. For more on sqlcl see I have been using sqlcl almost exclusively for the past year and love it. I … Continue reading

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