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Fix the standby database.

This has happened in the past. A data file get corrupted, or there is a gap in the archive logs. How do you fix it? In the past I would put the tablespace into backup mode, backup of the datafile, … Continue reading

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What about NULL?

What is NULL?  Is NULL a space? Is NULL a NULL string? NULL is unknown. If null is unknown then you can not do anything with null.  You can not perform any operation on null: Y := 5+UNKNOWN then Y=UNKNOWN … Continue reading

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Social engineering does happen.

There have been a few times where social engineering was attempted with one of my customers.  Sometimes I wind up taking the phone call after someone calls the help desk looking for some information we would not normally give out.  … Continue reading

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PII is valuable to criminals

The theft of PII is no longer relegated to petty criminals and hackers; it is now organized crime rings that are targeting PII and selling it on the back market. Some nations even tolerate criminal hacking to steel PII as … Continue reading

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If you don’t measure it, you can’t protect it

 have always felt safe in my home until a few days ago I had locked myself out of my house. I spent about 30 minutes looking for a spare house key my wife may have left in a car that … Continue reading

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